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Jon tron damagae

He stated that he chose the name jontron because it was " reminiscent of technology" à la tim and eric awesome show, great job! welcome, to the official wario land 3 subreddit. 199 votes, 12 comments. text in brackets = actions or text spoken and shown on screen or text just shown on screen] [ the normalboots logo appears before being replaced by the jontron logo in front of metal doors; the doors then open to reveal jacques, who is calling jon] [ ' hit ' em up' by 2pac plays as jon' s ringtone; jon answers the call] jon: hello? " oppression test: can you drive to mcdonalds not in hijab and get biggest big mac value meal? using a cheerful, energetic style and plenty of cutaway gags and visual puns, he talked about certain elements of video games, good and bad, and occasionally reviews specific titles. why did jontron take a break from wikitubia? t- shirts, stickers, wall art, home decor, and more featuring designs by independent artists. ripped from " bootleg pokémon games - jontron" - youtube. " what i' m simply saying is, if being a minority is such a great thing, why does no one else seem to want to be it?

" ( 12 march ) 3. 300 sec dimensions: 498x278 created:, 8: 47: 43 am. error: please try again. [ age 30] ), better known online as jontronshow, is an american youtuber, commentator, comedian, and video game reviewer known for his reviews of retro, odd, or bad video games and movies. jon alludes to the previous episode when he lifts the turducken into the pan by saying " that' s a lotta damage. in the second game, you also get equipment which negates damage based on hard amounts. he desperately wants to ride one by himself, but he' d need a license for that. presidential election, jafari became more vocal about his political views. new comments cannot be posted and votes. i wouldn’ t call him a nazi or some sort of scumbag.

his sidekick is a green parrot named jacques, who talks in a vaguely robotic voice, has glowing red eyes, and offers stoic commentary to contrast jon' s. he has used " nazi" as an insult and said that adolf hitler' s death is the exception to the statement " the death of anyone is. first, a white person today cannot claim to be. gaining notoriety online since his account creation in august for having a reviewing system much like the avgn, he has over 4. if yes: not oppressed" ( 24 january ) 2. bcuz [ sic] " jazz and pad thai are sweet" does not mean a country should commit demographic suicide. fact check: false.

funny moments from season 1 of jontron. jon: putting this episode off. voted in favor of same- sex marriage 5. the vr chat one was pretty good, but that seems less like a review, but still counting that it' s been one game review in four years. so he decided to take a $ 40 new hampshire boating instructional course slash visual novel. despite his vocal opinions outside the show, jafari in the show surprisingly handles sensitive topics maturely while still being funny.

jontron gets a cartridge out of a console and throws it at the opponent dealing the opponent damage. now, that" s a lot of damage! laser vision: jacques was capable of firing red lasers from his eyes that could cause both pain and destroy objects. in the midst of the recent 3ds eye- damage controversy, jon decides to undertake a social experiment that tests whether people are willing to do research before committing to an apparently just cause. jerry: ( with two bottles of rolling rock and a can of tecate in front of him) datayis. jacques' mother was a bird. find jontron gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. it is also true that the irish faced massive, systemic discrimination of another kind. ( review: dinocity bro! welcome to jontron! 9 million subscribers and 675 million views as of december.

he lost a lot of sponsors as well as posted two ( but now deleted) videos. on aug, jafari created a youtube channel called jontronshow. although there have been a number of fans who have unsubscribed, it has totaled at only. ( he gained more then he lost) pbg slanders jon statements and tweet lies, then claims they are no longer friends.

he reviews video games, movies, and television shows of varying genres in a retrospective and comedic manner in his youtube web series jontron. 161k members in the jontron community. i still watch his content, but i long for a new game review video. 200 sec dimensions: 444x250 created:, 6: 22: 21 am. flight: jacques was capable of flight like most other parrots. jon tron damagae irish people were indeed historically persecuted in america due to being perceived as barbaric drunkards ( and as catholics, which was considered an " un- american" belief system at the time). if you hold b still, he will throw a cartridge very far. the song that briefly plays before the episode ends is haunted boardwalk from pac- man world 2. details file size: 1206kb duration: 1. is the child of two immigrants 6. by, jacques had elected to retire.

he owns a green- cheeked parakeet named jacques, who has a robotic voice and red eyes in the jontron video series. socials: twitter: twitter. cyborg abilities. jontron is the online alias for youtube comedic video game reviewer jon jafari. 4 years ago · edited 4 years ago. " you' re making an appeal to emotion.

in the first game, you could use the spell " fall control", which negates falling damage as long as the distance wouldn' t have killed the player. in general, jafari' s responses to destiny ( the streamer, not the video game) mainly consisted of laughter, moving the goalposts, and denial or willful ignorancein the face of well- established facts. jonathan aryan jafari ( born ma[ age 29] ), better known online as jontron, is an american youtuber, commentator, comedian, and video game reviewer known for his reviews of retro, odd, or bad video games and movies. jacques: jon, where are you? the last game review he did was on disney bootlegs, four years ago. this thread is archived. this includes playtonic games, the developers known for being part of rare' s team that developed the banjo- kazooie games. jon jafari, better known as jontron, is an entertainer and member of game grumps, known mostly for his video game top 10' s and game reviews, as well as being co- creator of normal boots.

jontrons last game review. there are nes, snes and n64 cartridges for each time when you throw one, nes cartridge deals minimum damage, snes cartridge deals average damage, and the n64 cartridge deals many damage. 621 votes, 107 comments. jontron' s channel is unlikely to suffer from the same financial or commercial impact as pewdiepie, however.

in other words, normal stuff you wouldn’ t expect an alt- right supporter to endorse. when jacques asks if he can play with him, jon points out that he can' t. jontron if he was about to do a lot of damage. see full list on rationalwiki. used to support bernie sanders 3. the perfect damage thatsalotofdamage jontron animated gif for your conversation.

his sidekick is a green parrot named jacques, who talks in a vaguely robotic voice, has glowing red eyes, and offers stoic commentary to contrast jon. however, they were still considered " whites" by law and custom ( a foul group of whites, but still whites). his sidekick was a green parrot named jacques, who spoke in a vaguely. using a cheerful, energetic style and plenty of cutaway gags and visual puns, he talks about certain elements of video games, good and bad, and occasionally reviews specific titles. in the dark souls games, damage is based on the height fallen and your equip load. it' s a true testament to multiculturalism' s progress that someone categorized as non- white by white nationalists and jafari himselfcan now freely defend white nationalism. [ cuts to the upload dates of two videos, waterproofing my life with flex tape, released on september 30th,, and flex glue® commercial - from the makers of flex seal®, released in january 3rd,, cuts back to jon. for instance, they were allowed to go to " whites- only" schools in the south and were allowed to marry a white anglo- saxon when interracial marriage was against the law. 260 sec dimensions: 498x280 created:, 10: 17: 38 am. how old is jontron the video game reviewer?

jon was very strong and open about his views leading to him getting a lot of hate as many people did not agree with him. how can your skin possibly resist the damage of a sith’ s blade? jonathan aryan jafari ( born: ma[ age 31] ), better known online as jontron, is an american youtuber, commentator, comedian, and reviewer known for his reviews of retro, odd, and bad video games and movies. jacques was also capable of using the lasers to lift and manipulate objects roughly the same size as him, without the objects incurring damage. with tenor, maker of gif keyboard, add popular tons of damage animated gifs to your conversations. jafari has provided a cautionary tale in how alarmingly effective alt- right propaganda has become in recent years, especially considering jafari is someone who has done the following: 1. in the q& a, jon mentioned that he would be taking a break for a few months.

" it is currently unknown if jon' s spooky kitchen will return in the future. share the best gifs now > > >. we can' t restore our civilization with somebody else' s babies", jafari wrote: in response to chris maldonado' s tweet that " steve king' s " baby" premise is dumb, but i do find it odd that multiculturalism is really only being championed in white majority nations", jafari wrote: other tweets 1. inherent abilities. jafari was co- creator. the famous " jontron quits" bit in the " bubsy" episode after he notes that a jon tron damagae character in a cartoon platformer can die from, of all things, falling damage. jontron was the first “ youtube personality” that i started to follow, and one of the first channels that i subscribed to. jafari spoke about curbing jacques' appearances in his videos in his q& a video, stating that he felt the bird' s constant chewing on his face had lost its comedic value, and that the robotic vo. jon jafari is jon tron, a video game critic on normalboots. about press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features press copyright contact us creators.

v= - zjd9b0za9kdisclaimer: i am not jon, but i love jon and i do not intend t. seal the hole in your soul, with flex tape! jafari repeatedly followed ( almost word- for- word) the logic of the " white genocide" conspiracy theory. details file size: 6470kb duration: 8. see full list on rationalwiki. fact check: they' re both right. happily uses a person' s preferred pronouns 4. for obvious reasons, those living in the reality- based community didn' t take too well to all that. jon tron damagae jon goes on livestream and discusses it, causing people to lose their minds and unsub. [ note 2] in one notable video, " disney bootlegs", jafari negatively reacts to a swastika and a blackface depiction while still executing a humorous and entertaining comedy routine. one was his response to the whole incident while the other was a q& a.

search only for jon tron damagae. ( sketch: jacques exposed? voted for barack obamatwice 2. jon jafari is jontron, a video game critic on normalboots. jafari is himself half- iranian and has a muslim grandmother. progressives pissing their pants that jon isn' t left wing. jafari has since expressed support of views consistent with white nationalists and the alt- right in a debate with twitch. discover and share the best gifs on tenor. he was upset when he found out that jontron had sold a youtooz figure with his likeness on it, but his protestations were met with threats of litigation if he did not comply.

he also books it as soon as he sees the extremely chaotic first level of pokemon: pikachu edition in " bootleg pokemon games". jafari' s claim is flawed on multiple levels. ( sketch: monster party). ( sketch: birdemic: the best worst movie ever) jacques' uncle montesquieu died in the pigeon harvest of 2546. find jon tron gifts and merchandise printed on quality products that are produced one at a time in socially responsible ways. finds gwyneth paltrow’ s goop ridiculous and a scam, thinks dan ackroyd’ s crystal skull vodka is complete nonsense jon tron damagae and called him out on ‘ dragging the navajo into this’, and called silva brown a fraud. com/ jontronshowfacebook: facebook. the problem with jontron an article on jafari' s misogynistic, racist, and ableistbehavior before going full alt- right. in response to steve king' s tweet that " [ c] ulture and demographics are our destiny.

the latest tweets from. , and that the show was originally going to be called jontron 2. every purchase you make puts money in an artist’ s pocket. how old is jontron from jontron hopefully laugh?

details file size: 8103kb duration: 10. hilarity ensues as jon picks apart the ludicrousy of the story elements. com/ jontronshowcast: jon jafari -. jon: oh, jacques. ” - jontron - starcade 9: finale. ” “ it can’ t.

tv streamer destiny. jon jafari is jontron, a video game and film critic on the now- defunct normalboots. for his 21st birthday, jon decides to revisit his least favorite game the only way he knows how: drunk. jontron talks about his new ( fictional) blu- ray release, which features several fantastic and innovative changes to past episodes in the series. see full list on superepicfailpedia. for the main index, see here.

[ note 1] due to the controversy, playtonic games pulled jon tron damagae jontron' s voice effects from yooka- laylee. jontron season one. jon: ( off- screen) alright, the line is " data east, " action. jon has fallen prey to an excessive boating obsession. who is jontron in the smash bros world?

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